…Vampire GIO???

Vampire Gio

Doodle break…


translating mojo characters into PSWG-style is a lot of fun


6 selfies for real this time



I’ve been meaning to create something like this for a while, so here it is:

30-Day Monster Boy Challenge!

Goal: Draw 30 pictures featuring some fabulous monsters! Try to do something new with each drawing. Aim to reach a point of completion with each one. Challenge yourself, and have fun!

Useful resources and generators to help: Godchecker, List of demon sigils, Mythical creature wiki, Wikipedia’s list of legendary creatures, Gods & Monsters, Bishonen character generator, Monster boy/girl generator, Monster boy/girl/enby generators 

Note: Of course this challenge is not just limited to making male characters! I originally made this a monster boy challenge because I personally like to draw dudes a lot. But if you want to do this challenge drawing girls, non-binaries, or whatever genders you choose— by all means, go ahead! <3

Also, if you’re doing any prompts from the challenge, I’d love to see your work! So if you’d like, use the tag #MT30DMC so I can see all your lovely work! 

Hope you enjoy!

Updated information! 

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